Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading



You are indeed perfectly made. We will explore your unique design and purpose to help you navigate your life and relationships with grace, ease, and humor. Prior to your reading, please provide your birth date, place, and exact time.

You are so much more than just your sun sign. The sun, moon, and nine planets choreograph to perfect dance of your life. In combination with their house placement, relationship to each other, and your rising sign, each planet has a special lesson to share to help you honor your beautiful design as you navigate your path. The nodes of fate add dimension as they reveal where you have come from and where you hope to travel in this lifetime.

Readings are approximately one to one and one half hours and are hosted online via UberConference. They are recorded for you to revisit as often as you like! Once purchased, I will follow up via email to select the best date and time for your reading. Readings are usually done on Sunday afternoons, but I will work hard to accommodate your schedule.

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